Facebook Stickers for Android Download – Emoji for Facebook Chat!

Facebook Stickers: Are you curious to explore and know about Facebook Stickers?

Then Here I am bringing a whole new guide and tutorial on Facebook Stickers.

Few days back, Facebook launched its Stickers for comments, chat, and status which has added some extra animated emotions in your social world. Moreover, there are many Facebook users who are curious to explore and know more about these stickers which is why we are coming up with this guide.

I am pretty sure that these Facebook stickers has made your chat interesting and lovable by adding emotions to your messages. As most of the times, we only sent a sticker and it convey a complete message to the recipient.

Facebook Stickers – Something you Should know About


Here I am adding some narrative about Facebook Stickers and the possible message these convey;

Apparently, Facebook has introduced an altogether sticker directory which stores emojis on almost every situation along with hundreds of characters.

Common Type of Stickers Which Facebook Offers are as follows;


Here are some Emojis for you;


Smileys And People 

The first type of stickers are Smileys and People. It is similar ti the first emojis which Facebook introduced. However, it now includes stickers of People as well. It let you add interactive and Big smileys and stickers than ever before. This category also let you add different types of thumbs, ornaments, and accessories of different colors.

Animals And Nature

It is quiet obvious with its nature that it let you add Animals and Nature stickers inside your chat. This category includes, faces and images of different animals, flowers, tress, bouquet, Sun, Moon, Rain, and other relevant stuffs.

Food & Drink

If you want to enhance the hunger of recipient or want to cheers him then this category can help you out. It includes stickers of different fruits, vegetables, burgers, fries, dishes, cakes, donuts, Drinks, glasses and other food relevant stuffs.


This category specially added for guys from Sports background which let you add all stuffs relevant to sports. It includes; Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby, Tennis ball, Baseball, Cycle, masks, guitar, music, Dice and other relevant stuffs.

Travel & Places 

Do you like to send cars and mobiles in your messages? Then this is for you. It let you send; Cars, Taxis, Business, Helicopters, Signals, Houses, buildings and more.


It is quiet vague category. Since it includes objects in mixture. There are not any particular objects added in this category. It has added, CDs, Sand watches, Diamond, Wrench, Capsule, Radio, Telephone, Camera, Ciggerate, Injection, calender, book, and other objects.


If you are fond of sending different symbols in your chat then this category has got much more to send for you. It includes variety of exciting and amazing symbols which you can send to your friends or family.


It includes flags of each country. You can send any flag or flag of your country from this category. This is also the last category of Facebook stickers given by default.


Here we are adding some narrative for Stickers;


GIF Stickers 

GIF Stickers is altogether a new category included in your chat box. It let you add different GIF Images (short video images) to your friends or family. It is a big directory. By default, it shows you the trending GIFs, however, you may also use its search bar to search GIF’s directly from Internet.

Other Stickers 

Along with GiF stickers, there are large number of other stickers which Facebook offer and that are of following categories:

Happy: It includes all the jolly stickers of Smileys and People

Sad: Use these stickers when you are sad or not feeling love

In Love: Specially designed to send to your loved ones

Eating: It includes stickers which are eating

Celebrating: Shows your celebration in better way

Working: Describes that you are busy and working

Sleepy:When you are tired or sleepy use these stickers

Angry: Show your anger using these stickers

Confused: If you are confused then use these stickers to show your confusion

Active: It includes all the active Stickers which are doing some sort of work to show their activeness.

These are some default stickers; however, you may also use.

How to Add and Search for Stickers in Facebook

Now comes the tutorial part of our guide which will help you to add and search for stickers on Facebook. The process is simply; however, it might be unknown to many of you out there.

So those who want to learn about it get here;

  • Sign in to your Facebook account (huh.. obvious, but important)
  • Now open the chat box for any friend to whom you want to send the sticker or head towards Messages box
  • After that, below the typing area of messaging box, you will have few options; hover the mouse on the icons to know that which image represents which option


  • Let me make it clear for you; second from the left image represent the Stickers, click on it
  • There you will have different categories of Stickers available, if you find any category interesting click on it and then click on your sticker and it will be sent. But, if you could not found your favorite sticker then use search bar given above to search for your sticker.


  • Moreover, if you want to send GIF sticker (short video image stickers) then click on third icon from left
  • Then you will have list of all trendy GIF stickers or you may use its search bar to look for new GIF stickers


  • Click on any GIF stickers and it will be sent
  • This was it!

Final Words

So this was our detailed analysis and tutorial on Facebook stickers. We hope that you guys have found this stickers’ guide helpful and worth reading. If you have any queries or confusion left related to this guide.

Then lend your queries in comment box. I shall get back to your queries as soon as possible and will try to assist you in that.

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